My Allietare Status

I have finished all the clues and started sewing the rows together.  I am almost finished with this step so I can take a picture.  Since I have used wine themed fabric I am going to try grape quilting.  Wish me luck because this is my second attempt of quilting something other than stippling.

Step 2 Completed
Step 4 Completed

Step 5 Completed.  January 1st, 2016

Step 1 is complete

This years first clue was easy and I was actual able to complete this step before Monday's link up party.

Now it is time to wait until next Friday. I will be working on my Orca Bay while I am waiting.

My fabric choices for the mystery

This year I was actually able to spend some time in Italy with Bonnie Hunter.  It was a trip of a lifetime I am very blessed.  This quilt will be a memory quilt for my trip. I am using the same color palette of the mystery she has selected.  However I am using a vineyard/wine fabric where possible, mostly because we went to several wineries. (oh red wine from Italy!)

These are my fabrics.

Allietare!!! Winter Mystery 2015 Third Annual Kick Off Sew In

On Saturday we went to a sew in for the first clue of this years mystery.  My mom and I had a great time visiting with the ladies and sewing on clue one. 

Here is the cake they had to celebrate.

Here is the group of the ladies with their 2014 finished mystery quilt.

These are all the ladies that attended this years mystery.

I was able to enjoy last years mystery adventure with my mom.  I am a lucky daughter to be able to spend some time with her doing something we both enjoy.

Finished Grand Illusion Mystery 2014

I was able to finished the binding of this quilt on Thanksgiving, the night before 2015 mystery clue 1 was released.

Finishing up my Grand Illusion

I was able to get this quilt on the handy quilter last weekend. I finished quilting an over all pattern in about 3 hours.  I just need to add the binding then it will be finished before I start the 2015 mystery quilt.

My version of Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

I decided to use dark purple instead of black.   I put black in every quilt and I wanted to challenge myself to use other colors.  I saw Bonnie's colors this year and knew it would stretch my color pallet.
I also used Teal Green for her bright green. Along with a blue for the corners.

This was my first quilt where I put a restriction on using only batiks.  I like it but I don't know if I would restrict myself again.

I rushed to get a block done before the first cut off and got it done but forgot to post.

My mom told me there was another link up so I wanted to make sure I get at least one block up there. By now I should of had the quilt done however I have 2 busy girls in dance and selling GS cookies.


Have a great day.

Grand Illusions Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter

This year my Mom and I did Bonnie Hunter's 2014 mystery quilt Grand Illusion. I really had to drag my Mom to the sew-in one of our friends hosted for the first clue.  My mom was worried about doing her first mystery quilt. She was afraid she wasn't going to like it or that she wouldn't finish the quilt.  (It might have something to do with my Orca Bay mystery that is still not finished.  I love that quilt pattern, however the last 2 years I haven't been able to sew very much.  Goal to self is to get that done this year.)

My mom was on it, making sure every step was finished within the week to make sure she was ready to start the next step.  From the beginning she knew she wasn't going to select green but didn't know what color she was going to replace it with.  She ended up picking purple because she had that in her stash and it went very well with the other colors.

I told her I would post some pictures so we could link her quilt top up.  Thank you Bonnie for doing this. We really enjoyed this mystery.  I especially enjoyed talking to my mom about each step. At time she was a fanatic about getting the steps done. However we enjoyed laughing about that also. I am on step 4 however I will keep sewing at mine.  I would like to get a block done before the link up goes down.

Thanks again! Oh just some times daughters do knows best, my Mom loves the quilt and enjoyed her time sewing it! Great Job Mom!

Marguerite's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Finished January 4th, 2015.



Working on my Groove quilt along

I am working on my Groove quilt. I love it so far. These are totally my colors black, gray, red and white. I am throwing in turquoise this time. I am a little worried about it. However I have seen kitchens with this color theme an loved it. We will see if in reality I really like this color theme.

I am not following the pattern rows. I am using a form of columns to sew it up.

I bought this pattern from Caroline Patchworks

More Orca Bay

This past weekend I was able to get some sewing done. My goal is to get Orca Bay completed before Bonnie Hunter does her next quilt along this year.  I really enjoyed doing this quilt along during the time she posted each step.  I liked sharing each step I was working on with others.  I couldn't keep up so I am sharing with you now.

Below is Step 6, I have 18 more blocks left of 56 blocks.