Working on my Groove quilt along

I am working on my Groove quilt. I love it so far. These are totally my colors black, gray, red and white. I am throwing in turquoise this time. I am a little worried about it. However I have seen kitchens with this color theme an loved it. We will see if in reality I really like this color theme.

I am not following the pattern rows. I am using a form of columns to sew it up.

I bought this pattern from Caroline Patchworks


Sandra Kaye said...

Can I say AWESOME!!!!!! That is a very cool quilt!!! I cant wait to see this one in person. Sorry I had to cancel our last sew bummed me out!!Hope you are all well!! We need to buy our plane tickets soon. At least by the end of this month. I checked on the is still good. They havent lost my reservation. They should be selling the tickets to the show soon as well. Hugs

Guilitta said...

It´s beautiful. I wpuld like to see more things you made, butI miss an arcive on this blog to go through the other month and have a look.

Sorry for my bad english.
Greeting Guilitta from Germany