What's on My Table

OK I "googled" this "Craft Attention Deficit Disorder" and there are people out there that believe they have this disorder.  They claim to have over X number items that they have started and feel they need to complete.  I believe I have them beat by a long shot.   My name is Laura and I am a crafter that does not commit to completing her projects.

Really I knew I had some items I needed to finish however I did not have a complete list only what is in my head.  Along with about 50 other project I haven't started.  This is when I thought about all those nice FINISHED quilts I saw yesterday at the quilt meeting and a comment someone made "I have to finish all my projects."  So I said to myself do I really need to cut something else out?  Well, let me write down a list of what I have in my Material Girl Quilt Studio.

Hummmmmm 45 minutes later.......

Now I am saying holy crap that is a long list of things.  Why was I even thinking about starting another project.

What does it all mean?   I don't know I just love starting new projects. Maybe I will take this list a slowly work on getting it smaller before I add to it.  I am sure you are thinking "You THINK?"  Well no pressure please. I enjoy quilting and sewing I don't want to make it work then it would be no fun.  Some of the quilts on my "To complete" list I don't know if I want to finish.  (Dear Jane I am talking about you and 1" Courthouse steps what the heck was I thinking starting you 10 years ago!)

So now I have a list I can't use that excuse.  I am sharing with you so you can laugh

Project on the cutting Table "Cut":

  1. Coffee Apron (Update: Started at Quilt Camp, almost done.)
  2. Kitchen Towel Topper
  3. Pink Kitchen Apron (Update: Started at Quilt Camp, almost done.)
  4. Hearts Apron (Update: Started at Quilt Camp, almost done.)
  5. Strawberry Apron  (Update: Started at Quilt Camp, almost done.)
  6. Multi-color Batik Irish Chain
  7. Black and White Wall Hanging
  8. 'Trinity' Name Pillow
  9. 'Meadow' Name Pillow

Quilt Tops \ Projects that are in different stages "To Complete":
  1. Rose Garden Queen Size Quilt (Update: Only borders needed.)
  2. Black and White $5.00 block of the month quilt ($5.00 for the whole 12 blocks. WOW!!)
  3. Jewel tone $10.00 quilt  (Update: Blocks are together, borders needed)
  4. Blue Flower $10.00 quilt (Update: Blocks are together, borders needed Thanks for your help Mom!)
  5. Dear Jane Japanese Style
  6. Pink Flowers on Black background
  7. Up-cycle Jean and Red Rag Time
  8. Orca Bay
  9. Ocean Crab

Quilt Tops that need to be Quilted:
  1. Jelly Roll Block of the Month (Posh)
  2. Ava Rose
  3. Dance Quilt #1
  4. Dance Quilt #2
  5. Triangle Quilt Star quilt
  6. Soiree Table Runner
  7. Buggy Barn Hearts
  8. Northern Solitude
  9. Flirtations
  10. Paris Girls
  11. Red white and Blue
  12. The Rose
  13. Reflections Wall Handing
  14. Red, White, & Blue Apple Core Wall Hanging
  15. Black and White Irish Chain Quilt
  16. PinWheel Blog Quilt Along
  17. Willow Water Color Quilt (Update: Finished top May 2012)
  18. Purple Easy Quilt  (Update: Finished top April 2012)

Kits (To Self "Don't even think about these yet!)"
  1. Poppy Quilt
  2. Disappearing 9-Patch
  3. High Cotton
  4. oh the list goes on.... 
Don't even get me started in my Paper Studio, a.k.a Scrapbook Room.

Update for 2011:

Finished Quilts

  • Yellow Rag Time
  • CherryBlossoms
  • Halloween Table Runner
  • Baby Liam's Quilt
  • Baby Kaitlyn's Quilt

Update for 2012:

Project completed:

  • 4 Beach Bags