Orca Bay...

Orca Bay is Quiltville Mystery quilt this year by Bonnie Hunter.  Every year I have wanted to do her mystery quilt.  So much that I follow each clue and check out what everyone else is doing.

However I can't make myself start one of her quilts for a couple of reasons:
1. I am a control freak
2. I need to know what the quilt is going to look like.
3. I need to plan color placement.
4. I have scraps but they are in tornado piles in storage bins in my room.  HUH.
5. There are so many little pieces I get over whelmed just looking at the directions.  I mean come on 223 quarter half triangles.  Oh my goodness.
6. I talk myself out of it because I have so many other projects I should be doing.
7. Oh have I mentioned I am a control freak.

So I say every year I will just wait until the clues are all posted then decide if I like the pattern.  Then once the hype is done and I can't find any more postings I quickly loose sight and do something else.

This year I just can't stop thinking about it... do it / don't do it /  do it /don't do it.  I think this year I love the Orca whale.  I love black, whites and red.  I have tons of fabric.  I could even add the blue. Just too many decisions.  They are already on clue 3 and I haven't even picked out fabric.

Hum  should I wait?


Sandra Kaye said...

You are to funny!!!! I too have printed out her every year. Thinking I will just wait and see what it will look like....then it all seems to much and I just print them out , and file them in my BH file. This year I decided to jump right in and go for it. I think NOT seeing all the parts laid out, helps with not being overwhelmed. So, I'm doing this one.....just thought I'd let you know. Oh, and I just started this week. I have step 1and 3 almost done.(they are the same colors) I'm hoping to get step 2 done by this weekend so I will be caught up. I think you should just go for it.:):)

Laura said...

Yes I think you are right I started Step 3 last night. What colors are you doing? Her colors?