What have I been up to.....

Well I seem to be very busy I finally got a chance to clean my craft room. I just had my first card class in my new space. We had a blast.

Saturday I also got a chance to take a class at Mystic Paper. Let me just say it was with TIM HOLTZ!!!!!! YES!!! I am screaming. I can't believe I was finally able to take a class with the master. He is so down to earth and creative. I am a big fan.

This project was totally out of my box. When I sat down at the table with a plain box I looked at my mom and said what did we get into. I can't do this. I don't even know where to start. Then Tim started handing out all of the stuff and I totally was overwhelmed. My mom was also. So Tim instructed was to paint the box first. So I started with pink, green and blue...... Ya I know what the heck was I thinking. It looked like a clown box which wouldn't be bad if I had a clown to put in it however I had a bird. I looked at mom and asked how do you like it. She was trying hard not to say oh my goodness please paint over that. So she said quite....... which is a sign to me she HATED IT. So right about then Tim came down the room and I notice him looking at mine and then told the whole class if you don't like the color paint over it. I was like oh my goodness he didn't even like it. Well truth to be told I didn't like it. So I painted over it. I just love the color now.

Anyway it took about an hour just trying to figure out what I was going to do, then I looked at mom and said I am just going to start gluing things down so I can change my mind. Plus this was the only way I was going to get done.

Well I just love how it came out!!!!!! I love the color of the box and everything in it. I would like to tell Tim thank you for pushing\pulling me in a new direction of creativity. I can't wait to get my hands are your new product.

Here is what I finished up with:

If you look close you can see my favorite new stamp from Tim stamped inside the box. "In dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own."

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Anonymous said...


Love the photo of you and Tim. And I LOVE your finished piece, it looks amazing!
I'm so glad you had a great time!