I am back.... sorry I have been away.

Do I still have any readers? I have been away for a while I know. However I have great news. I have started selling my work on etsy.com. This is a place where artist can go to sell their work to interested parties. It is better than ebay for selling hand made work, I think. See my problem was I have like 200 cards and had to figure out what I do with all these. I mean I send them out however 200..... I am sure others have way more.

So anyway a friend told me about etsy.com. So check me out at ssqcorner.etsy.com

I have a lot more to post. I actually started quilting again. WOW I forgot how much I really enjoy quilting. I have a couple of Tote bags I will be putting up on etsy as soon as I get a picture of them.

Oh and I have several photos I took I want to put on etsy also.

Blog Candy:
Well I just notice this is my 100th post. So I think it is time for some blog candy. WAY PAST DUE. I will come up with something and do another post with what you you need to do to win.

Until then ---

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