Where have I been?......

Well talk about poor blogger. I have not posted for over a month. What is up with that?! All I have to say is LIFE just happens! I can't not believe it has been this long. If I still have any readers out there I will be posting some fun stuff this weekend. Even though I have not blogged in over a month I have still been creating. I have Christmas cards, pastel paintings, art drawings, bracelets, and beeswax on canvas. YES I really have all these.

I found an artist on EBAY that I love. I love all her water color pencil drawings. I have to admit I paint lifted...... sorry I had to this mermaid just called to me and it was sold on email so I couldn't get her. Well I got her out of my system however I still love all the mermaids Hannah Disney creates. Check her out. I will post the mermaid I did from her art.

I took 2 classes from a local scrapbook store and I will post that. You can actually see me on the stores blog. I am the one on the the far left of the first picture. My mom is in the forth picture in the far right back corner. Check it out is you like.

Look for more post this week. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!!!!!

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