Oh I am almost late.....

I said I was going to post something this weekend. I had high hopes but man the time flies. I can not believe it is already late Sunday night and I still have not had time to post. I started 2 new crafts. Ya Ya I am sure you are saying you already "try" to make time for Quilting, Scrapbook, stamping. Most of all trying to raise my kids the best way I know.

You ask what new crafts.... well I have been watching Suzi Blu..... I love this lady she is an artist and a lovely lady. She is a mixed media artist. I love her work. Well with following her blog I have started working with pastels, oils, watercolor, and beeswax. YA!!! She gives me encouragement to try new things. Check her out at suziblu.net

Also I have found Donna Downey. OK this lady. Can I just say WOW!!!! I have been following her also for the last months and just love her. She just makes me excited to try new things.

Then I found Michelle Ward she is the Gothic artist I can't get enough of.

Then last but surely not the least Tim Holtz. OK I knew of his products for a long time now. However I was alway afraid of them. I am not a grunge type really however I love his blog he started. Then I totally got hooked on his products when he did his 12 Tags of Christmas. Check it out however it will enable you!!!!!

Ok so what have I been creating!!!! Well I have a bracelet I made I actually soldered and wore it to work. My husband doesn't like it however I loved it. Anyway this leads me to another thing I started and found 2 ladies I enjoy looking at there work. Josie and Sally Jean. I actually took the class with Josie and had a blast. My plans were to post a picture of mine on this blog. HOWEVER I just had to fix one thing....... well those of you that know me know I am a little bit of a perfectionist. I mean even Josie was like stop being a perfectionist. I couldn't help it. I know it was my first time ever picking up a soldering gun however I tried my hardest to make it perfect. So of course when I got home I had to "fix" it. Well it is still in pieces. I am hoping to finish it this week so I can post it.

I also have not had the time to take a picture of my beeswax collage I made with Mike. Ya he is another artist I will be watching.

Anyway I do have 2 pictures to share. These are the ATCs I did for Taylor's exchange last month.

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