You have to have beach bags, right?

We are headed to the beach in a couple of weeks.  I took for granted when I was living in Florida being able to go to the beach every weekend.  Not that I did go to the beach every weekend however it was only 30 minutes away.  Now it is 6 hours away!  I have been longing to go to the beach since 2009.

In preparing to go to the beach I made 3 beach bags, one for each of the girls.

Untitled Untitled
When I was showing the girls our new bags for the beach my husband was in the room and asked where his was. I just looked at him....... I didn't know how to answer. I believe I said something, " You want a bag I made? What color would you want?"

The girls helped me pick out dad's color and I made the bag in about 3 hours while watching Netflix.  (I love Netflix I am now watching my second season of Supernatural with no commercials it's the best way to watch T.V.)

His is the one on the right ;)

So I would say we are ready to pack these and head to the beach.


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