Heart Broken

I met a lady at the Phoenix Modern Quilting Guild that was doing a Dear Jane Quilt.  It made me think about bringing my out of the closet and working on a couple of blocks.  However when I went to where they should have been, the blocks were not there.   I used to carry them back and forth from sewing here and there.  One day I said I haven't worked on you for a while I'm going to put you in this box.  So I put all the papers and (I thought) all the blocks.  However I only found 5 completed blocks and one half finished.  I completed the half finished block and have been looking for the others.  Where have they gone.  I hope I have just misplaced them and not lost them.  You can see the blocks I have finished here. Now that I look at these the 6 blocks I have in my hand they are not on that wall.  So maybe just maybe I misplaced them.  At least I am getting my quilt studio organized looking for them.

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