You ask what have I been doing?

Reading.... Reading.... reading..... I have been reading. I can't believe it. Anyone that knows me knew I hate reading. I hated it in school, in college, at work. Well lets just say it was what I was reading. I absolutely love reading. I have been reading since the middle of December and I have finished about 33 books. Most of the books are paranormal.... ok all of them. I can't get enough. It started out with Twilight, one of my quilting friends suggested I should read the book. She said, "Just open it and start reading, a guarantee you will finish the book." Oh YES. Loved it. I have even put a widget on my blog of all the books I have read. Check it out. If you want to talk about any of them I would be glad to.

So what crafts have I been doing. Quilting. I have finished about 6 quilt tops and have quilted about 6 more quilts. I have create curtains for our new R-Pod camper also.

Unfortunately I have not done any stamping but I have been using my birthday cards that I have created. Good thing the girls schools are almost done because I don't have any left.

No Scrapbooking!!!! Well I take that back I went to a scrapbook camp back in January and finished 23 pages. However when I got back I unpacked my car, put the supplies in my craft room and have not unpacked them. So even if I wanted to I would have to unpack first. This is the problem when you have too many crafts..... stamping, scrapbooking, quilting, and now a hobby reading.

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