Bella meet Judith

I was at a scrapbook convention last weekend. Oh YA I had a great time. I went to 5 classes to learn new techniques, I must say I was happen with all projects. Well there were vendors of course I saw a stamp booth at a scrapbook convention which is usually out of place. However I really enjoyed this company "Stamps by Judith" it was a family business and they had just a great time showing you all the different possibilities with there stamps or stamps you have that you don't use any more. During the demonstration they did this garden of wild flowers..... oh my goodness I was SOLD. I must of had over $100 of stamps in my basket........ (to my husband I put some back :) ) Anyway I just had to make sure I had enough to do the wild flower garden. All I could see is a Bella with bare feet standing in the flowers. I had to come home and do it right away. LOVE IT!!! It was all I thought it would be.

I hope you enjoy this card as much as I do.

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