Halloween!!! love it....

I have always loved Halloween. I don't know why however I have always liked this holiday. I remember in High School going out with a bunch of friends just having a great time. That guys were always crazy making me and my friends laugh. In college .... well lets just say the guys and girls were crazy. And being a mom.... well seeing my girls eye light up when we start talking about what we are going to be. That is the best of all.

We are actually going to have a party at our house. Wow it will be the first one in 5 years since Craig and I have had a Halloween party. I am having so much fun decorating the house. I will be sure to post pictures.

This guy is so cute. This was a make and take at one of the booths at the scrapbooking convention I went to last month. This was my first paper piecing with paper. Let me just say working with paper is much better than paper pieces with fabric.

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