1st trip out

Here is a picture of the view we saw on our first trip out on the Rubicon. It was a easy trail however it was about 50 miles long. WOW! This girls were over it (I think) 2 miles into it. I think Craig was the one having the most fun. I think I would of had more fun had I not been on call and worried about getting a page out in no mans land. All was well. I could not believe there were crickets all over the place. They were even jumping into the jeep and freaking me out. I tried to keep my cool since the girls were right behind me. However when they land right on you I can help but scream. Now I know where the girls get it from.

Short story we were driving home from Ohio last year and stopped at a rest stop and a fly got in our car. Oh my goodness you would have thought someone was dieing in the car the way my girls were screaming. It was so loud I could only laugh I couldn't even get the fly out. Craig was so over the screaming he was like ... just get the fly out! I couldn't even talk I was laughing so hard...... Was that wrong laughing at my girls freaking out over a fly.... yes however I couldn't help it. Anyway Meadow doesn't like flies at all .... It happen again late last year when we went camping. I did much better then trying to comfort her while we get the 10 or so flies out of the car. I am sure it was like 4 however we just could not get ride of them fast enough. I could only imagine if a cricket landed on her.

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