A*Muse ATC Swap

This is my second A*Muse ATC swap for Taylor. I wanted it to look like a magical kingdom, my girls just love castles and princesses. While the love any stamp I let them use. I know I have a hard time letting them use "MY" stamps because I try to keep my stamp looking new. So instead of me acting like a little kid myself I decided to start letting them use a "few" of my stamps. This was the first one..... and let me just tell you the block is BLACK now. lol Anyway they love being with mom and making a card. Don't get me wrong I love that they are interested in learning.

This is what goes on in my stamp room when they both are in here trying to stamp........ (MeeMa saw it this weekend)

Meadow- Mommy what are you doing?
Mom - Making a card for someone.
Meadow- Wow a castle.... why are you making a castle?
Mom - Because I like castles don't you?
Meadow- Can I make a castle card?
Mom - Not right now honey I need to get these finished so I can get them in the mail.
Meadow- but why..... I want to make one too....
Meadow - Why are you making so many cards?
Meadow - are you putting stars on it?
Meadow - Can I sit on your lap and watch you?
Meadow - Clouds..... they look like clouds mom, are they clouds? Why are you putting clouds on the castle card? Grass is that grass? Pink castle, why you are doing a pink castle.

Mom - Here honey why don't you take this paper, ink pad, and Castle stamp to make your own card over on your table.....

Meadow - OK

Then a few minutes later she comes back and asks for something else..... etc I think moms out there understand what I am getting at. Looking back it was cute but a little stressful since I waited so long to work on these.

I hope the ladies that get this ATC enjoy them.....


Mercy said...

cute cards! thanks for the perverbial "kick in the pants". i needed someone to remind me that it's not all about me. i hate it when my cymbalta doesn't work effectively! i was having a rough day, so i threw myself a pity-party, but i am soooo over it!

thanks again!

Sharon in NE said...

Oh my goodness, these are beautiful!!!

I can completely relate to having to share my "me time" with my sweet children. I always included them and now that they are 15 and 19 (sniff sniff...)I have NO regrets whatsoever. My 19 year old tries to sit on my lap again but I assure her those days are over. Trust me, you'll have plenty of alone "me time" ahead. I'm glad you're sharing yourself with your daughter now.

Laura said...
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