One of my husbands friend's wife is have TWINS! Wow!!! I can't believe having twins my babies now 4 and 3 years old were all I could handle at the time. I know they will be great parents!!!! Anyway I went to her baby shower and made these cards to give her so she could send out Thank you cards to everyone that attended. I actually bought the plastic box from PaperTreyInk a couple of weeks ago. She actually loved the cards and I felt so good until she almost cried when she saw the other gift I gave her. I made 2 "Cars" (the movie) quilts since she is having twin boys and her and her husband love NASCAR. Anyway the party was great I am glad she loved the cards and quilts.
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kerry said...

awww - I love these! I have 6 month old twin boys -- they are great (A LOT of work, but great).